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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association


Representation is the publicly visible side of UAVS.  UAVS represents not only the UK UAS industry but all UAS interests in its interface with the UK Government, the UK airspace regulators, other unmanned vehicle, aerospace and UAS trade associations and interested bodies and lastly but by no means the least important, the general public.

UAVS has a duty to inform opinion whether this be the casual enquiry from a member of the general public or a more focused debate from the media.  UAVS will always seek to provide the best information available to help portray this industry in the correct light.  It carries out this duty primarily on behalf of its members but also in the interests of the UAS industry as a whole.

Much of the representation takes place behind closed doors in committee or at select working groups.  Where UAVS attends in its trade association capacity and minutes are issued to attendees, it will provide members with access to those minutes so that they can see for themselves the developments as they occur.

Not every member has the time or resources to interface with Government and its departments in all their guises and attend these sessions.  UAVS sends delegates to most of the important UAS committees and working groups.

By attending these different committees and working groups and by contributing to the strategy being taken forward, the Association can ensure its members views and expectations are incorporated in the crucial policy statements and documents issued by the regulatory and certification authorities.

Representatives currently attend the following committees and working groups:

In the UK

  • Ofcom (Office for Communications)

Paving the way forward to securing sufficient bandwidth for secure command, control and communications for UAVs operating in civilian controlled airspace

  • Innovate-UK (TSB)/Department for Business, Enterprise and Skills

Establishing the precedence of UAV projects and programmes such as ASTRAEA

Autonomous Systems National Technical Committee (ASNTC)

  • Aerospace and Defence Systems (ADS)

Autonomous Systems Strategy Group

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Unmanned Aerial Systems Steering Group (UASSG) 

Unmanned Aerial Systems Working Group (UASWG) 

National Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee (NATMAC)

Current Working Groups
Aeronautical Information Management WG (AIMWG)
AWG - Airline Working Group (AWG)
Future Airspace Strategy Working Group (FASWG)

General Aviation WG (GAWG)
Survelliance and Spectrum WG (SASWG)

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Industry and Regulatory Coordination Group (SUASIRCG)


General Aviation Consultative Committee (GACC)

Mapping out the future operation of UAVs in controlled airspace through revisions to CAP 722

  • General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo)

Interfacing with other Class G airspace users


UAVS represents the wider industry on the ASTRAEA Steering Board

In Europe

  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

Attending EUROCAE WG73 - developing UAS airworthiness criteria and additional requirements for certifying UAS

  • UVS International
UAVS represents the UK industry and their interests in the European forums and many documents are added to the members library for your information
  • European Defence Agency 

Liaison regarding the European UAV roadmap


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