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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

UAS Regulation in Civil Airspace

In Europe UAS under 150 kg MTOW/MTOM come under the regulation of the National Aviation Authority. In the UK that national aviation authority is the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The UK CAA treats all UAS, whatever mass they are, as aircraft and as such they are subject to the Air Navigation Order - Rules and Regulations, published as CAP393 and currently referred to as the ANO2009.

Within the AN02009 there are a number of Articles that relate specifically to small UAS and small UAS used in surveillance roles.

The CAA has stated that a number of requirements have to be satisfied before it will issue a Permission to Carry Out Aerial Work. These requirements include:

  • An Airworthiness Certificate
  • A Design and Construction Certificate
  • Pilot Qualification
  • Appropriate Insurance
  • Organisational Approval

UAS operators should note that there is a specific distinction between a Permit to Fly and Permission to Carry Out Aerial Work.

In addition to the regulations applicable to Aviation regulations there are additional regulations associated with the human rights of an individual in the EU. This therefore means that the images that are collected have to be treated with the regulations concerning data protection and privacy. Working with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) UAVS has provided data on this below.


For more information on the regulations currently to all classes of UAS click on the links below:

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