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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

Chairman's Perspective

gcThe Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association (UAVS) is one of the longest established trade associations in the world dedicated specifically to the future of the global UAV industry.  At its heart, it represents its members core business values within this emerging market promoting dialogue with government, the regulators and certification agencies. The aim of all its members is to ensure that safe, effective and integrated UAV operations within un-segregated airspace and UAVS is the industry voice within these vastly UK and European influential groups.

UAVS provides a meeting point for industry to share its experiences and discuss the burning issues within the industry. This interaction promotes debate, encourages cooperation and strengthens the UK UAV community as a whole.

In addition to its industrial membership, UAVS maintains strong links with academic institutions in the UK, government and other institutional bodies. UAVS is affiliated to the Society of British Aerospace Companies and is recognised as an authority on the many issues pertaining to the development and operation of UAVs.

Within Europe and the USA the UK is leading the world in the integration of UASs into civilian operations and especially into controlled airspace due in a large part to the efforts of the leading members of UAVS promoting and implementing the initial £32M phase 1 of the ASTRAEA Programme and engaging the regulators early in the system development and integration process. Although headed by 7 of the Associations major companies most of the SME members have also been contracted in to the ASTRAEA Programme through the links they have made though membership. The second phase of the ASTRAEA programme is being planned and therefore opportunities continue to exist for members.

UAVS’ focus for the future is the exploitation of the technology and systems being developed by its members but in promoting the business opportunities that will arise, the Association will not lose sight of the fact that it will continue to represent all members UAV and UAS interests on an impartial basis. UAVS provides a voice for members from all sectors: from large corporations to sole traders, from the press to academia. The common interest is the success of the UAS industry.

The Association values its independence and the recognition accorded to it by Government as being the collective voice of this emerging industry. The Association is sustained by the active participation and commitment of its Members and you too can take this opportunity to enhance your companies positioning, information and opportunities. Available to members are experts in all the major technical areas and a body of library information, not to mention access to government thinking. We look forward to welcoming you to the Association and to helping you achieve your aspirations within this industry.

Gary Clayton, Chairman 

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