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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

Membership Benefits 

UAVS seeks to provide the following tangible benefits to its members:

  • Preferential access to UAVS events
  • Effective networks and business promotional opportunities
  • Access to a Members’ Only Library
  • Access to Government, funding, national and regional bodies
  • Access to UAS related publicly funded UK collaborative programmes such as ASTRAEA
  • Access to advice on a number of business and technical issues facing those in the UAS industry
  • Best practice methodology for UAV systems and business associated with UAV construction, UAS integration and UAS operations
  • Preferential rates and discounts offered by UAVS’ industry partners
  • Business support especially for smaller members through business transformation processes
  • Links to other UAS national, regional and global representative bodies
  • Discounts linked to the UAV industry trade press

These benefits are available to all members whether the member is a large corporation or an individual starting up a new enterprise in the UAV sector.

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