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Light UAS Approval (MTOM 0kg - 150kg)

Light UAS stands for Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and as the name suggests, deals with not just the aircraft, but the supporting subsystems such as Ground Control Stations (GCS) and/or Radio Control (R/C) equipment.  The Maximum Take off Mass (MTOM) of a Light UAS is less than 150Kg. 

The first use of the term in this capacity was as a result of a Directive from the European Union (EU) which gave rise to the formation of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  In Annex II to the Directive it specifcally excluded aircraft below 150Kg from the remit for EASA, instead these would be dealt with at a National Level, in the UK's case, by The Civil Aviation Authoruty.

"The design, construction and operation of all Light UAS above 20Kg that operate in the UK must be independently assessed before the CAA will grant an exemption to operate" - CAP 722.

For this purpose the Light UAS SchemeTM covers the design, construction and operational approval of Light UAS and their crews.  The Scheme, known as LUASSTM ,  is operated by EuroUSCTM, as the Qualified Entity (DAI/9932/09) approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.


Manufacturers and Operators of UAS with a MTOM of less than 20Kg can also take advantage of LUASSTM to gain an independent assessment of compliance with current regulations. Appropriate Design & Construction certificates and Operators certificates are issued and accepted through a scheme run by the LUASSTM insurers.

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