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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

CAP 722 Policy - The Chicago Convention

As a signatory to the Chicago Convention and a member of ICAO, the United Kingdom [Civil Aviation Authority] undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Convention and Standards contained in Annexes to the Convention save where it has filed a Difference to any of those standards.

Article 3 of the Convention provides that the Convention applies only to civil aircraft and not to State aircraft. State aircraft are defined as being aircraft used in military, customs and police services. No State aircraft may fly over the territory of another State without authorisation. Contracting States undertake when issuing Regulations for their State aircraft that they will have due regard for the safety of navigation of civil aircraft.Article 8 of the Convention provides that no aircraft capable of being flown without a pilot shall be flown without a pilot over the territory of a Contracting State without special authorisation by that State.

Article 8 of the Convention also requires that “each contracting State undertake to ensure that the flight of such aircraft without a pilot in regions open to civil aircraft shall be so controlled as to obviate danger to civil aircraft”.

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