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CAP 722

CAP 722 is the UK Civil Aviation Authority's Guidelines on the use of unmanned aircraft in UK controlled airspace.  All regulation of UAS in controlled airspace comes under the Air Naviation - The Orders 2009. Until the publication of ANO2009, CAP 722 was the industry reference document and it was implemented and mimicked around the world.  The UK CAA is still seen as the leading light in this sector of aircraft operations. 

The 4th and current Edition of CAP 722 was published in April 2010 and was a hurried update of these Guidelines to reflect the new regulations introduced by Air Navigation - The Orders 2009.

It has been compiled by the CAA's Directorate of Airspace Policy (DAP) after consultation with the UK Industry and in particular UAVS.  It is intended to assist those who are involved in the development of UAS to identify the route to certification, in order to ensure that the required standards and practices are met by all UAS operators.

The purpose of the document is to highlight the safety requirements that have to be met, in terms of airworthiness and operational standards, before a UAS is allowed to operate in the UK. Whilst UAV flights beyond the limits of visual control (defined herein) are currently restricted to segregated airspace, the ultimate aim is to develop a regulatory framework which will enable the full integration of UAS activities with manned aircraft operations throughout UK airspace.


There are some important statements that all UAV or UAS operators should bear in mind.  The Legal Considerations cover Policy - The Chicago Convention and Law.

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