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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

UAS Applications 

UAS applications are usually referred to as 3D or D3, ‘dull, dirty and/or dangerous’.  The primary applications identified and used to date all involve putting the UAV and its payload in environments where the pilot in a manned operation might be significantly at risk of losing his life or dying of boredom.

There is also a cost justification for using UAS.  They can have longer operational duration: they can require less maintenance: they can be cheaper on fuel to operate: they can be operated remotely and sometimes autonomously carrying out the mission with the minimum of human intervention and supervision: and they can be deployed in a number of different terrains and are not always dependent on prepared runways.  Some argue that the use of UAS in the future will be a more responsible approach to certain airspace operations from an environmental, ecological and human risk perspective.

There are of course marked differences and similarities between the civilian or commercial and military applications.

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