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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

About UAVS 

The UAVS Association came into being in late 1998 when key individuals from Matra-BAe Dynamics-Alenia (MBDA), British Aerospace (BAe) and Remote Services recognised that the UK UAV industry did not have a collective voice or representative in industry's interface with government and the regulators.

Its initial mission statement was to promote the:

  • safe
  • integrated, and
  • effective

use of UAVs in both military and civilian airspace environments.

This mission statement still holds true today although the focus has been realigned towards Regulation, Certification, Training and Operations. 

UAVS is the trade association for the UK UAV industry.  This industry encompasses:

  • UAV airframe constructors
  • UAV payload and systems manufacturers
  • UAV data capture and processing services
  • UAV trainers, and
  • UAV operators

Much like the civilian manned aerospace world, there are constructors and operators and these two different entities still have to work together to satisfy the regulators that UAV operations are safe, integrated and effective.

The Association's role is to interface with government and the regulators ensuring that industry's perspectives, objectives and views are put forward in a constructive manner at the highest possible lobbying point.  It also seeks to promote those companies and organisations who are members within the context of the industry and to address the issues currently facing the industry on a collective basis.  The Association's Chairman perspective on the challenges facing the industry right now and his vision for the future is laid out on the Chairman's Perspective page.

To find out more about the structure of the Association go to the Structure page and about the current themes the Association is addressing on behalf of industry as a whole go to the Core Themes page.

The Association welcomes members not only from the UK but from the global aerospace industry.  Members, from large corporations to individuals, should have an active interest in UAVs and the development of opportunities to use these systems on a routine basis for the overall benefit of mankind.  Individuals have as much say within the Association as the large corporations.

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