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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

UAS Insurance

For operators of UAS conducting Aerial Work, it is essential that they have the right insurance in place before they commence operations.

UAVS, while not being an insurance broker, agency or underwriter, monitors the UAS Insurance market on behalf of its members.  It cannot recommend who members or non-members approach to gain the necessary insurance.

A number of insurance brokers and providers have become members of UAVS and they may be contacted directly as follows:



 Core Coverdrone Features... 

  • Loss or damage to the drones and associated equipment  
  • Public/Products Liability insurance  
  • In-house, fast claims service  
  • Aviation Liability cover (hi-jacking, unlawful seizure of aircraft and other perils)  
  • Professional Indemnity (inc. data protection and invasion of privacy)  
  • Reinstatement of data  
  • Increased costs of working (replacement drone hire)  
  • Full reinstatement cover (new for old)  
  • Cover for operating at 'high-risk' premises, over water and indoors  
  • Worldwide cover  
  • 'In-training' cover  
  • Compliant with EU Regulation (EC) No 785/2004 
Telephone – 01270 448998
Email –
Website –

For further information can be found at   




Contact: Dominic Trigg

T:  +44 (0) 1923 712 441



Our Insurance policies are carefully crafted to cover the many varying needs of drone pilots.

Simply choose your policy, click and purchase for instant insurance cover in under 5 minutes making us the first drone insurers to allow customers the convenience of purchasing cover immediately.

What all policies automatically cover.

Personally owned and hired in equipment including gimbals, tablets, and chargers also come under our policies


·         Equipment covered whether in flight, in storage or in transit

·         Alternative equipment hire-in costs to replaced damaged equipment

·         Reinstatement of electronic data

·         Data protection

·         Storm and flood damage

·         Damages occurring worldwide for UK policy holders*

·         Public Liability

·         Higher risk sites

·         Multi pilot cover

·         Cyber-attack, i.e. increase in cost of working (up to £10,000) resulting from

          someone taking control of the drone whilst in flight – the first drone insurance

          policy to offer this.

·         Invasion of Privacy – The first drone insurance policy to cover this essential

          need for all pilots

·         We cover all personally owned and hired-in equipment

·         Accidental damage

·         We do not restrict to number of hours flown

·         Any employees of the company insured including outsourced contractors

          are covered for legal defense and compensation


 *Excluding USA & Canada





Please note that other than being a members of UAVS, there is no other connection between UAVS and its website and the Insurance Insurance Brokers' listed.

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