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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

UAS Pilot Qualifications


Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS (RPCS)

RUSTA is a CAA approved organisation that offers training and assessment to SUAS operators that wish to obtain Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW).
RUSTA’s Remote Pilot Certificate SUAS (RPCS) course has been developed with an emphasis on safety and allows commercial operators to apply for PFAW on successful completion. 

For more information contact or visit us at 



Remote Pilot Qualification –Small <20kg

Training Provider:  Resource UAS - QE Number 1002 


The RPQ-s course aims to teach entry level students the necessary skills and competencies to operate any RPAS platform of 20kg and below, putting safety as the paramount objective. The course comprises a number of web-based (distant learning) modules, 3 days ground school and flight assessment. 

Duration: 3 days 


For the latest course schedule please click here. For more information, or to book a place please email: or call 01633 835 104.



Basic National UAS Cerificate (BNUCTM and BNUC-STM)

The UK is the first country in the world to have a specific civil UAS Pilot Qualification recognised by its National Authority, i.e. the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA website - Pilot Qualifications). This qualification specifically addresses the needs of the UAS industry in providing independent assessment of UAS pilot competence.

Small Unmanned Aircraft (BNUC-STM)

The BNUC-STM has been developed under CAA direction, to provide a more comprehensive basis for the developing UAS industry undertaking Aerial Work using Small Unanned Aircraft (SUA) with aircraft whose mass mass is less than 20Kg. 

Particular emphasis has been placed on the need to recognise the fact that many entrants into the UAS industry do not come from an Aviation background and therefore specifcally addresses the necessary aviation knowledge and understanding required to operate SUA safely in a commercial aviation environment.

More details and an application Form can be found on the EuroUSCTM website.

BNUCTM - For aircraft with a mass greater than 20Kg

For more information on the BNUCTM which caters for aircraft over 20Kg please contact EuroUSCTM directly on +44 (0) 208 133 2651 or email EuroUSCTM is a Qualified Entity (DAI/9932/09) approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.


These pilot qualifications are treated by the UK CAA as being equivalent to the BNUCTM and BNUC-STM . These qualifications are provided by Resource UAS.  For more details visit the Resource UAS website.



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