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Latest News


NATS launch new 'App' designed to improve UAS safety. 


UAV (Drone) use is growing at a rapid rate in the UK and our skies are some of the busiest anywhere in the world. The National Air Traffic Service (NATS), the UK’s main air traffic control provider, has developed a new App in conjunction with Altitude Angel to help ensure that drone users in the UK can easily access the information they need about how to fly safely and legally, without endangering others.

Their objective is not to stop drone users having fun; it’s to help ensure that drone users have the information that will help ensure that whilst they’re having fun, they’re not posing a risk to any other aircraft or people 

Drone Assist is the new drone safety app and presents users with an interactive map of airspace used by commercial air traffic so that you can see areas to avoid or in which extreme caution should be exercised, as well as ground hazards that may pose safety, security or privacy risks when you’re out flying your drone.

It also contains a ‘Fly Now’ feature that enables you to share your drone flight location with other app users and the wider drone community, helping to reduce the risk of a drone related incident in the UK’s airspace.

UAVS supports this initiative as it is yet another faclity to help and promote safe responsible UAV use. 

We reccommend you visit for more information and download the app. 

UAVS Represents all UAS/RPAS Interests

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association (UAVS) is a not-for-profit organisation funded solely by membership subscriptions. It is independent and dedicated to promoting its members and their and the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry's interests and is the world's longest established trade association devoted exclusively to the UAS community. It represents the UAS manufacturing and system integration industry to UK government and UK regulators and works towards the safe, integrated and effective utilisation of these systems in civil and commercial roles. The influence the UK has on worldwide regulation and operation of UAS means that UAVS' role is both important and essential. More....


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UAVS provides:

  • The means for active collaboration between UAVS members to form a stronger and more cohesive UAS industry
  • A professional framework for manufacturers and operators to work within
  • Access to information on best practice, accredited suppliers and services, certified aircraft, pilot comptence and the latest regulatory requirements
  • The positive interaction between civil, commercial and military manufacturers and operators and the transfer of skills between communities
  • A recognised voice for the UAS industry in the UK at the political level to government and to the UK airspace regulators: 
    • Formulating the future use of shared airspace both in the UK and worldwide
    • Addressing the public perception of UAS
    • Promoting of the ecological, environmental, societal and humanitarian benefits of these systems.
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Subscription rates reflect the size of the member organisation.  UAVS welcomes members from around the world. 


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