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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association

Welcome to UAVS

Register for Members Spring Event (Free)

We are pleased to announce that the next members event is to be held at:- Novotel Tower Bridge, London on the 31st March 2015.

This event is a must for all members looking to fly UAS/RPAS in the UK. It will cover Insurance, the CAP722 upcoming changes (to be finalised on 27th February), the CAA proposed changes to the 7Kg to 20Kg category, your obligations with respect to Data Protection and Privacy and the oncoming European landscape.

This is a big year for our industry and all of these topics will directly affect the industry in an ever increasing way as the year progresses. We are also hoping to include information about the changes and upcoming requirements with respect to the use of spectrum and how this could have a profound impact on UAS/RPAS operations as we know them today.

This event is open to those associated with a member organization and register by completing this on-line form


Don't forget to check out the ongoing consultations and past responses here

The CAA has published a draft revision to CAP722 (Issue 6) and IN 2014_044 (Small Unmanned Aircraft Qualified Entities) with a very short review cycle. All responses to the CAA must be provided by the 9th February 2015. UAVS will collate your responses but please visit the consulatations page and provide us with your thoughts by the 6th February.

Responses now available in the UAVS Library

Although UAVS makes the consultation public; unfortunately it must restrict its response to the Members it represents. If you have forgotten your Username or Password please Contact who will be happy to send you a reminder.

New CAA certification guidance for 7Kg to 20Kg 

Please find in the Members Library under CAA Documents important proposed changes to the certification of 7 to 20 Kg RPAS to come in to force later this year.

UAS Industry Events

The following events have been chosen as they may be of interest to both members, the wider UAS/RPAS community and those considering a future in this industry. If you know of another event you fel should be included please let us know.

For more information on all these events, please visit the Events page.

Representing all UAS/RPAS Interests

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association (UAVS) is a non-for-profit organisation funded solely by membership subscriptions. It is independent and dedicated to promoting its members and their and the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry's interests and is the world's longest established trade association devoted exclusively to the UAS community. It represents the UAS manufacturing and system integration industry to UK government and UK regulators and works towards the safe, integrated and effective utilisation of these systems in civil and commercial roles. The influence the UK has on worldwide regulation and operation of UAS means that UAVS' role is both important and essential. More....

ASTRAEA Documents are now made available to UAVS and EUROCAE WG73 members

These documents can be found in the members library, the dedicated page attached to this welcome page which can also be accessed here. 

Why Join?

UAVS provides:

  • The means for active collaboration between UAVS members to form a stronger and more cohesive UAS industry
  • A professional framework for manufacturers and operators to work within
  • Access to information on best practice, accredited suppliers and services, certified aircraft, pilot comptence and the latest regulatory requirements
  • The positive interaction between civil, commercial and military manufacturers and operators and the transfer of skills between communities
  • A recognised voice for the UAS industry in the UK at the political level to government and to the UK airspace regulators:
    • Formulating the future use of shared airspace both in the UK and worldwide
    • Addressing the public perception of UAS
    • Promoting of the ecological, environmental, societal and humanitarian benefits of these systems.

Join Now

Joining UAVS is easy.  Just follow the registration process on this website.

Membership categories are:

  • Large Companies
  • Medium Companies
  • Small Companies
  • Related Organisations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Sole Traders or Partnerships
  • Individuals
  • Students

Subscription rates reflect the size of the member organisation.  UAVS welcomes members from around the world. 


UAVS' website and Library carries a host of freely available and restricted circulation information. To access restricted circulation information you do need to be signed in as a member.

Latest Industry News

For the latest news in the UAS industry, UAVS recommends

UAS Vision is an independent global forum for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems community.  Its aim is to provide a daily news service covering all topics related to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) & Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

A Good Read

As much as this website has some information on the history and evolution of UAS, there are more authoritive tomes on the subject. UAVS recommends two recent publications.  For more information on these books, click here.

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